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Welcome to the Canada Grill Barbecuing System

Elegance brought to your backyard

The Canada Grill is the first completely dedicated rotisserie grilling system.

The Canada Grill Company is offers you their patented new Stainless Steel Barbecueing system, with a dedicated rotating grill and wireless APP, bound to be the next big advancement in outdoor living.

We have developed a new personal grill called the CLEVER GRILL and will include a wireless App that allows you to operate the grill from your smart phone.

The advantages of this method of barbecuing is that it allows the user to spend time with their family and friends and not have to be tied to a smoky, greasy cooker.

It has been shown that the fumes from a barbecue can be toxic (in fact cooking one hamburger produces as much airborne particulates as driving a diesel truck 140 miles)


Video promos of the Canada Grill in action The majority of barbecues on the market today are made of bent tin and even the “stainless steel” models have a small amount of actual stainless steel. They are all the same; from the $100 model to those over $1000 – they all look similar and do exactly the same thing. They only differ in size and materials.

Our newest grill was introduced in New Orleans this year.

It is a commercial charcoal machine that is targeted to the Restaurant, Hotel, Street Vendor market. This grill allows the chef to cook beautiful food unattended, once the Barbecue is set the chef only needs to return when the time is done.

Canada Grill Classic

The rotating basket has a patented drive mechanism that speeds up when the edges are close to the heat and slows down as it levels off horizontally. It is made of 100% 304 stainless steel and an all welded restaurant quality construction. It will be sold mostly pre-assembled so there will be no hassle for the consumer to put it together.

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